It’s That Time of Year

by | Dec 15, 2021

The holidays are now upon us. For some, this is a time of joy and relaxation; for others, it can stir-up strong emotions, some of which are not so pleasant. This season can be overwhelming and anxiety-provoking for those attempting to find the right gift or host the ‘perfect’ gathering.  Holidays can be a very difficult time for some as they remember and mourn the loss of loved ones no longer with us.  This year, again, we may be having smaller gatherings and missing larger events due to COVID or other challenges in bringing people together.  Some may wish for the smaller gathering from last year – and are reminded of the stress of having the whole family together again.

In whatever way you experience this time of year, it is important to prioritize taking care of yourself. This can be as simple as an emotional self-check: taking a few moments to acknowledge and reflect how and why we may be feeling a certain way. Perhaps the expectations we have for ourselves and others are too high; a small shift in this mindset can help prevent disappointment and frustration. Taking regular ‘time-outs’ from festivities to breathe, exercise and eat mindfully can make a significant difference in navigating difficult emotions during the holiday season. Additionally, social support can be a useful tool to navigate feelings of loss or loneliness. Consider reaching out to a friend or family member and letting them know how you are feeling.  The mutual experience of giving and receiving of support can be the most meaningful present of the holiday season!

And if you determine that your gift to yourself in the new year is to talk to someone about your mental health, contact us. Here at MellaHealth, we understand the struggles and challenges of everyday life and have well-trained clinicians ready to help.