Virtual Online Therapy in CT

Online Therapy in CT

In addition to our in-person therapy services, we also offer virtual therapy in Connecticut so you can access the best care with flexibility.

Our virtual sessions offer a convenient, results-driven therapy solution. With online therapy, you can join your session from anywhere in Connecticut, leaving behind worries about traffic, bus routes, parking, and waiting rooms. We offer convenient scheduling options including daytime, evening, and weekend appointments. Call us at 860-342-8192 or schedule a complimentary consultation to speak with our supportive care coordinator and learn more.

How Does Virtual Therapy in Connecticut Work?

Through our personalized intake process, we will match you with the best-fit therapist based on your needs and preferences. To begin virtual therapy services in Connecticut, call, email, or schedule a complimentary consultation with our experienced care coordinator, who will get to know your reasons for seeking therapy, your therapist preferences and availability, and then identify which therapist is best suited to help. After you are matched with a therapist, our insurance coordinators will work directly with your insurance provider to inform you of your benefits and costs for therapy.

All you need for your first appointment is a comfortable place in Connecticut with internet to join your virtual therapy room to meet your therapist and begin your sessions together.

Online Therapy FAQs

What are the benefits of receiving therapy online?

Clinical research demonstrates that treatment outcomes through virtual therapy are comparable to in-person therapy in most situations. With online therapy, you do not have to disrupt the flow of your day to meet with your therapist. With the flexibility to access your therapy appointment from anywhere in Connecticut, there is no need to worry about traffic, commuting to an office, bus routes, parking, or inclement weather. You are welcome to join your virtual therapy session from home, school, work, or anywhere with an internet connection.

How will you join your virtual therapy session?

Prior to all of your appointments you will be emailed a secure video link which will connect you to your virtual therapy session. You may also access your therapy session through the patient portal on our website.

How will your privacy be protected with an online therapy session?

MellaHealth meets or exceeds all HIPAA and other applicable governmental privacy laws and regulations. We use the most up-to-date technology and all client data and communications are secured and encrypted.

MellaHealth vs. National Online Therapy Companies

Provided by a master’s level licensed therapist


National Online Therapy Companies

Provided by a master’s level licensed therapist

Access therapy from anywhere

Virtual therapy

In-office therapy

Accepts all major insurance plans in-network

No recurring subscription or membership fees

Personalized match through free consultation

Provides therapy exclusively in Connecticut

Local, family-owned company

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