Partnered with UnitedHealthcare

 MellaHealth Accepts UnitedHealthcare

MellaHealth has partnered with UnitedHealthcare to offer high quality, affordable therapy. With this partnership, UHC members are able to use their in-network insurance benefits for sessions with their MellaHealth therapist.

Using Your UnitedHealthcare In-Network Benefits for Therapy

During your complimentary consultation, our care coordinator will gather your UnitedHealthcare insurance information. Before your first therapy appointment, our insurance experts will work directly with UnitedHealthcare to provide you with an estimate of your costs. By choosing a UnitedHealthcare in-network therapist at MellaHealth, you will receive the most affordable rates your insurance plan allows for therapy sessions. MellaHealth will handle all insurance claims and paperwork on your behalf.

Affordable and convenient therapy is easy with MellaHealth.

Therapist office West Hartford, CT

MellaHealth’s Partnership with UnitedHealthcare

Therapist office West Hartford, CT

MellaHealth is making therapy accessible across Connecticut. By partnering with most major health insurance providers, such as UnitedHealthcare, we are making effective mental healthcare services more affordable. We offer convenient teletherapy and in-person appointments based around your scheduling needs. Seeking expert treatment with an in-network UnitedHealthcare therapist has never been easier.


Is my therapy covered by UnitedHealthcare insurance?
Yes! MellaHealth has partnered with most major insurance companies, including UnitedHealthcare, to offer in-network therapy.
How can I use my UnitedHealthcare insurance benefits for therapy?
Using your UnitedHealthcare benefits for therapy is easy with MellaHealth. Our care coordinator will learn about your insurance benefits during your free consultation call. Our team then works with UnitedHealthcare to understand your benefits, provide an estimate of your costs, and handle all paperwork and claims.
How much will therapy cost with UnitedHealthcare coverage?
Each individual plan provides different coverage for mental health services. We will work directly with UnitedHealthcare to provide you with your benefits information, including your cost for treatment.
Is MellaHealth in-network with other insurance providers?
Yes! In addition to accepting UnitedHealthcare insurance benefits, Mella Health is in-network with most major insurance providers in Connecticut.